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TS-830S Modifications Page April, 4, 2004

ts-830.jpg (26154 bytes) AM for the Kenwood TS-830S

This paper describes adding AM receive and transmit to a SSB/CW only rig. You will find that Kenwood did produce an 830 with AM but for the foreign market. That rig is the TS-830M. Circuit changes are noted on the Kenwood service manual for the 830.

Adding an AM mode to this radio is a daunting task but well within most any person's ability. I purchased an 830 at a local hamfest earlier year. It has taken about 2 months to finally get the AM mode working almost right. This mod provides a low level modulation circuit that can produce about 25 watts of AM RF output.


You will need the service manual for the 830 to begin.  You can download the service manual here.

Look here at the mode switch wiring you will notice that the simplest place to add AM is in the CWN position. This still leaves you with a CW and Tune mode. The MODE switch is not very accessible but with patience you can rewire it. I have identified the 6 poles of the MODE switch. That will help out a ho' bunch and  make the job easier for you.


The 830M version of this rig has the proper AM filters for correct operation. Those filters are no longer available for the 830S. Other filters are however available. Links to parts suppliers are included here.
The CIRCUIT First you will need a circuit to use. Maybe even a printed circuit board. A complete board will soon be available on our EFJ Devices website. There is a link here to the schematic. Also shown is the prototype board I used for the RX section. I used a small proto board from the Radio Shack store. You can see it stuck to the edge of the transformer. The TX section was kluged together right on a piece of PCBoard with all the ground connections tacked to the board. Parts required:

A complete PCBoard - Everything you need to modifiy the rig- OR >

Assorted junkbox parts like a 5 Volt relay DPDT. RG174 Coax. Resistors, RF Cans Capacitors and such stuff as needed....